St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue

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Saint Florian!


Joining the ranks of the Roman Army at an early age, Florian rose through the ranks until achieving commander and the highest position overseeing the Roman province of Noricum. He was responsible during his legendary Roman career for having trained firefighters many of whom were withing the ranks of his legions. Saint Florian is said to be responsible for dousing numerous fires with buckets of water saving villages and cities from ruin. He has forever know as the Patron Saint of Firefighters as the name Saint Florian would suggest.

This iconic and ancient firefighter displayed as the St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue it is one of the most detailed and original firefighter designs ever created. The dimensions of this firefighter status are:

Approx Dims: 11″ x 6 1/2″ x 10 1/2″

This amazing firefighter statue is made from cold cast resin and is produced in very limited quantities. Cherish this St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue when on display in your firehouse or home.


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