10 Awesome Christmas gift ideas for Firefighters from Fire and Axes.com………..

10 Awesome Christmas gift ideas for Firefighters. I know it may seem early, but Christmas is fast approaching. At Fire and Axes we’ve put together a top 10 list of gifts available from our site. Although we have many this is a list of 10 of my favorites.


10.  The Armor of God coin.  Taken from the Bible, Ephesians 6:13-17, Put on the whole armor of God. This coin is as inspirational as it is unique. You will not find another coin like it.

Wildland Firefighter

9. Wildland Firefighter Challenge Coin. This sign is custom made to order. Unique and beautiful. Any firefighter would be proud to have this on their wall.

Firefighter Coffee Mugs

8. The Fire and Axes coffee mug. After a long night doing what firefighters do, there is nothing better than sitting at the table and discussing it over a cup of coffee. This mug has a look of yesteryear, a mug Ben Franklin himself would have been proud to drink from.

My Brother's Keeper Vintage Firefighter Sign

7. My Brothers Keeper Vintage sign. This beautiful design is made to be customized with your station number. “My Brothers Keeper”, we protect our brother as we protect all others.

We Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out Firefighter Shirts

6. We Will Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out shirt. Well this is just an awesome looking design. Firefighting is a gamble and we as firefighters like to control the deck. Unique design and available for men and women as well as short and long sleeve.

St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue

St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue

5. St Florian Patron Saint Of Firefighters Statue. The perfect gift for any firefighter. It says I’m proud to be an American and a firefighter. This vintage sign would look great and any firefighters man cave, garage, station or anywhere else you’d like it to hang.


4. Fire and Axes Haz-Mat challenge coins. Unique design, as unique as the guys who are the Haz-Mat teams. This coin design says that whatever it is, the Haz-Mat team will figure it out.


3. 9/11 Memorial coinThis coin was designed and created to memorialize all those who gave all on 9/11. Heroes were born that day and we must never forget them.

911 Never Forget 343 Firefighter Challenge Coin Engravable 911 Never Forget 343 Firefighter Challenge Coin Engravable

2. Men of Fire Squad 343 custom engraved challenge coin. Never forget those lost fighting fire!

Luck runs out Custom Engraved challenge coin

1. We Will Always Run In Firefighter Custom Engraved Challenge CoinMy number one choice. This is unique and says firefighter and nothing but. It is beautifully custom made to order.

These are 10 of my favorites. I hope this will in some way help with the Christmas shopping for that special firefighter or yourself. We have many, many more items at fireandaxes.com and I invite you to our site and have a look around.

Until next time, stay safe.

Captain K.