Fir Na Tine Men of Fire Firefighter Challenge Coin


Fir Na Tine Firefighter coin, Men of Fire!

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Fir Na Tine Firefighter coin, is perfect for all firefighters. In the early years of our country Irish immigrants couldn’t find work. The only jobs were the dirty and dangerous and unwanted jobs. Many of these folk chose to be firefighters. Fir Na Tine firefighter coin. From Irish Shamrocks to green rivers on St. Patrick’s the color green runs deep in fire departments across the USA. Fir Na Tine, “Men of Fire”. We all fight the same fight, Irish heritage or not, all American Firefighters have a little green running through their veins.

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This design is dedicated to those original hard core Irish brothers of old.

Fire Na Tine Firefighter Coin, embedded with Irish heritage and pride. The Fir Na Tine Firefighter Coin is antique gold and silver. Then it has been inlaid with transparent green, burnt orange and black making it as awesome as the other products in the Fir Na Tine line. The flaming axe and shamrock helmet shield give it a real Irish flair. The Fir Na Tine firefighter coin will make the perfect addition to any firefighter coin collection.

Size: 2 inches in diameter

Thickness: 4mm

 Double sided and individually numbered.


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