Fire and Axes Top Ten List of Firefighter Coins

Fire and Axes Top Ten List of Firefighter Coins. Since we started this company we have always had the mission to create really unique designs for our products. Some of them are so unique they become firefighter coins. Firefighter coins designed by firefighters. We have quite a few now and some we actually have a hard time keeping in stock. So here is a countdown of the firefighter coins, in this writers opinion.

10. This isn’t even a firefighter coin. It is a firefighter coin rack. We carry two of these at the present time but this is the one I chose for my office, because a cool fire rescue coin isn’t any good if you can’t show it off. So number ten goes to the Walnut Firefighter Coin Rack.

9. The number nine for me would have to be the Fire and Axes Fireman’s Prayer Coin. This coin has our company logo on the front side, but the rear of the coin has the firefighters prayer. This is a very moving poem for a firefighter. It’s a good size firefighter coin at 2 inches I get a lot of attention from folks coming into my office and admiring my coin collection.

8. Landing at number 8 for me would have to be the first coin we designed at Fire and Axes. The Men of Fire 666 Squad Firefighter Coin. This coin is really cool looking with the skull wearing the traditional helmet, flip downs and all. The 666 Squad is in reference to the fact that, the 666 Squad is there to “Kill the Devil”. Double sided coin with alot of detail.

7. The Haz Mat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Coin. This coin has to be one of the coolest coins we carry. The detail in this coin is unbelievable, with all kinds of Haz Mat Hazardous Materials references in it. NFPA placard, bio-hazard, radio active hazard and an appearance of something eating into the metal of the coin. If all of that wasn’t enough, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! All the green stuff that looks like a chemical eating into the metal glows when the lights are out. The Haz Mat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Coin is double sided and is 2 1/2″ making it what we call a magnum coin.

6. Coming in a number 6 on the Captain K top 10, Hot, Sweaty and Always Ready Firefighter Coin. This coin is simple in coloring using only antique gold and silver with just a touch of black, but the detail is unbelievable. You can actually see the texture in the Ax handle and the leather in the helmet shield.

5. The middle spot, not the first and not the last….right in the middle. The Armor of God Firefighter Coin. The front of this coin features a Shield with the words “Armor of God” , it also has two powerful Lions, one on each side of the shield, crossed swords and roses lying at the bottom. Resting on top is a Crown with Ephesians 6:13-17. The reverse side of the coin has the entire verse, Ephesians 6:13-17. The Armor of God Firefighter Coin, “Take up the whole armor of God”.

4. As we enter the lower half of our count down I’d have to go with a sister coin. The coin I choose here is the sister to the Men of Fire 666 Squad Firefighter Coin. Number 4 goes too, Men of Fire 911 Squad Firefighter Coin. This is the same coin but with 911 in the shield. This has been one of our most popular coins ever and as of this writing is still selling faster than we can keep up. Better order yours now! There are alot of detail changes making it look totally different from it’s sister. Double sided same as the other.

3.  Fir Na Tine Firefighter Coin will come in at number 3 for me. The Irish played and still play a large part of the heritage of the fire service in America. This coin is beautifully designed. The detail is amazing and the colors are incredible. With the Irish Firefighter in the center swinging the flaming ax to the design resemblance of the Irish flag.

2. The 9/11 Memorial Firefighter Coin. This is also a magnum coin. Powerful images of that fateful day. For many of you as well as myself, we all remember where we were, what we were doing. We remember the iconic images depicted on this coin. The firefighters raising the flag a ground zero, the Twin Towers. The 9/11 Memorial Firefighter Coin is a beautiful coin with a powerful message.

1 The top spot, the top of the pile, numero uno The We Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out Magnum Firefighter Coin. This by far is my favorite coin. For me it is the one you can’t stop looking at. Beautiful colors and all the iconic images of gambling. Roulette wheel, cards, the dealer. In the center it is meshed with the firefighting world with the Maltese Cross and all the detail in this coin is amazing. The We Always Run In When Your Luck Runs Out Magnum Firefighter Coin.

You can see many of our coins on YouTube, stop by and check them out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed our latest top 10 list. These are the way I’d rank them. Take a look at them, see if you’d rank them differently. If you like them we’d hope you’d consider buying one or all of them!

We live in a crazy world, watch each others back, all we have out there is each other. Be safe!

Until next time,

Captain K