Blood Sweat and Tears Firefighter Challenge Coin


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The Blood Sweat and Tears American Firefighter Coin. This original Fire and Axes design sums up what it is to be a firefighter. The Blood Sweat and Tears Firefighter Coin design shows images firefighters across our great nation will recognize. Maltese cross, axes and nozzles. Added in are the American Flag and the symbol of our great nation the Bald Eagle.

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The Blood Sweat and Tears Firefighter Coin. Cast in antique silver and gold with inlaid colors of red and white make the detail in this coin jump out at you. One the reverse side is the Firefighter Oath.

Fire and Axes Top Ten List of Firefighter Coins

My duty is protect those that
I serve from whatever danger they may face,
Whether it be fire, demon, or angel;
No matter the Danger,
I will protect the people to the best of my ability.

I am but a servitor of the people;
My duty is to those who I serve, and to no on else.
I serve the People, without fear, without remorse,
without fail. My Duty is to The People.

By my Firefighter’s Oath,
I am bound to protect those who are
in danger, those in times of need,
those who I would serve.

Size: 2 inches in diameter

Thickness: 4mm

 Double sided and individually numbered.

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