Why are we so trusted in the fire service? It seems it has been that way since the beginning. We are taught as children that you can always trust a fireman. There are children’s book that were read to us, telling us to trust a fireman. I’m not really sure why we are so trusted, but we are.

This all occurred to me very recently when my departments union was taking up money for MDA. We were in front of a large major department store in our community. We were of course in uniform and had engines there with us. I began to notice that most people didn’t even know why we were collecting money. They simply seen us, and gave, generously. My crew and I were very overwhelmed at the outpouring. The “thank you for your service” and “anything for our fire department” and then a donation in the boot. We saw people that gave everything they had in their pocket. So why are we so trusted in our communities?

Firefighters in the community

That is probably a very complicated answer, one that I am not sure that I have the answer for. What I do know is that trust wasn’t just given. It was earned over many, many years. I believe that we are stewards of that trust, we guard and protect it. We watch over it until we turn it over to the next generation behind us, just as it has been to us. We as a profession are very trusted in our communities and I believe it would be very difficult to do our job if we weren’t. I am very thankful for the trust and confidence placed in my department by our community. Why are we so trusted? I’m not really sure by I for one am very glad we are and will protect that trust at all cost.

I hope this finds you all well and ready for whatever this job throws at you. So for all my brothers and sisters out there reading this. Be safe, and watch out for each other.

We all go home!

Until next time,

Captain K

Fire and Axes