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Fireman Reflecting!

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This Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue depicts a message that all firefighters understand. The shift was long and hard, the calls you ran that day were the hardest. When the call is over, things return to normal, things begin to get quiet. A time for reflection. The Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue shows just that, a firefighter reflecting on the hard calls of the day. Regaining his thoughts and sanity.

The Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue is 4 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ x 5 3/4″. It is made from cold cast bronze. The Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue is sure to be one of the best firefighters gifts that firefighter in your life could receive.

Fire and Axes prides itself on offering some of the best in firefighter gifts and the Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue is sure to please. This eloquent statue is as at home in a Fire Chief’s Office as it is in your living room. Something to be passed down from generation to generation. The Firefighter Reflecting Fireman Statue also makes a wonderful award. Something to salute a job or task well done, an award that can be displayed with pride in a home or office.

Fire and Axes offers a full line of bronze fireman statues. Each one has a unique look and story. Each capturing that moment in time where a firefighter earns his keep. Doing a job that isn’t ever easy but always needs doing.

With designs such as Reflecting, Responding, Fighting Fire, Rescue Child and Child Thanking Fireman there is surely something that would make a perfect gift for that firefighter in your life.

Be sure to take a look at all the other fireman gifts we have to offer as well as the other fireman statues. We believe that there is something here to please even the pickiest firefighter.



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