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Drip Torch Wildland Firefighter Vintage Sign. It’s hot and dry. The terrain is only accessible by foot, and it is tough going. Your job is to stop a wall, a wall of fire. From the air-water plunges from an air tanker, but on the ground, it is hand tools and sweat. Backbreaking work and you love it. You fight your adversary with Pulaskis and chainsaws. Making fire lines from the very earth that is burning, you fight fire with fire, using a Drip Torch to eliminate the fuel the fire needs to survive. Only you and your sisters and brothers stand between the walls of fire and exploding trees and the homes and lives that lay below. You work hour upon hour, there is no time to rest, there is a job to be done. You ARE a wildland firefighter. Drip Torch Wildland Firefighter Vintage Sign

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Because of the custom design and manufacture of this USA Made sign please allow 3-4 weeks for its completion prior to shipment. USPS tracking information will be provided upon shipment from our offices.

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