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The Molon Labe Firefighter Travel Mug designed for those who desire the rights and laws handed down to us through the US Constitution by the forefathers of the United States.

At Fire And Axes we recognize that as Americans we are given from birth the US Constitution and in that incredibly well written American parchment are the ideals, the patriotism and how our American fathers saw themselves in terms of their freedoms and their way of life. It is our American birthright and whether we like to accept it or not it is also a way for us to protect ourselves from tyranny. Our forefathers understood this and ensured its message would be carried down to future generations of Americans. As a business we believe in those rights for all of us. Molon Labe is statement of defiance and it is one that has served the people of Sparta and has been at the forefront of any culture or civilization that has been threatened from enemies foreign and domestic. Molon Labe. A statement in ancient Greek that means “Come And Take Them” which served them well and continues to serve us here at home today.

This Molon Labe Firefighter Travel Mug 14 Oz Travel Mug displays your favorite Fire and Axes design and is perfect when traveling with hot drinks and are on the move! Designed and printed in America!

This 14 ounce silver metallic travel mug is printed in the USA at our offices in Dallas, TX. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days to print your FAA travel mug before it ships.





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