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Hazmat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Stein

The Hazmat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Stein, printed in America, is everything that is fire department hazmat. No, don’t touch it! No seriously don’t touch it is the frequent warning heard round the hazardous material spills that are a daily occurrence when firefighters are called to a scene of spill. The incident could have been the result of a run away science project strapped to the back of an out of control 18 wheeler or maybe its shopkeeper Old Misses Colledula’s HAZMAT Sundries that went up in smoke when she left the oily rag in her back office wood shop scrap pile. Either way you have a spill and nothing in God’s Green Earth is going to prevent it from running down that city block. That is until you and your HAZMAT Team arrive on the scene. Now with all that practice and preparation, you get it contained and things can return to normal.

That is until they spring this amazing coffee mug on you when you get back to the station. The Hazmat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Stein will let you know everything you ever wanted when it comes to “killin spills”!

The Hazmat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Stein is 100% printed in America.

We at Fire and Axes support American Made Products in any instance that we can. We believe in this country, we believe in the hard working American workers that make all these products right here at home. Support What We Protect…..buy American anytime you can. The Hazmat Hazardous Materials Firefighter Stein , as American as the firefighter and Haz Mat Tech sipping a frosty mug of their favorite brew from it.

This 16 oz., 5.5″ tall Stein is white with a flared base, hard coated and printed in the USA at our offices in Dallas, TX. The finest steins custom printed. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days to print your stein before it ships.




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