Fir Na Tine Irish Firefighter Stein



Fir Na Tine Firefighter Stein

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Fir Na Tine Irish Firefighter Stein

Fir Na Tine Irish Firefighter Stein is perfect for all firefighters. In the early years of our country Irish immigrants couldn’t find work. The only jobs were the dirty and dangerous and unwanted jobs. Many of these folk chose to be firefighters. Fir Na Tine firefighter coin. From Irish Shamrocks to green rivers on St. Patrick’s the color green runs deep in fire departments across the USA. Fir Na Tine, “Men of Fire”. We all fight the same fight, Irish heritage or not, all American Firefighters have a little green running through their veins.

This design is dedicated to those original hard core Irish brothers of old. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you  spring this amazing stein on them when you get to the backyard cookout with your crew. The Fir Na Tine Firefighter Stein, Fir Na Tine, Men of Fire. That is what you are! Whether you are a rookie firefighter or an old smoke eater, you will love the look and feel of this Irish inspired Fir Na Tine Firefighter Stein.

The Fir Na Tine Firefighter Steins are 100% printed in America.

We at Fire and Axes support American Made Products in any instance that we can. We believe in this country, we believe in the hard working American workers that make all these products right here at home. Support What We Protect… American anytime you can. The Fir Na Tine Firefighter Stein, as American as the firefighter sipping a frosty mug of their favorite brew from it.

This 16 oz., 5.5″ Fir Na Tine Firefighter Stein is white with a flared base, hard coated and printed in the USA at our offices in Dallas, TX. The finest steins custom printed.

Please allow approximately 7-10 business days to print your stein before it ships.


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