It is now 2017, it seems the years seem to go by faster the older you get. I have been reflecting on 2016 at Fire and Axes and it was a very eventful year. Many great new products and many new friends have come to visit our site. One of the things we get a lot of comments on was the MeMes we put up on our FaceBook page, some people really loved and othesr maybe not so much. So below you will find the 2016 Top 10 Fire and Axes MeMes. I hope you enjoy them the second time around as much as we enjoyed posting them the first time.

  1. There is a lot of women in the fire service, doing the job as well as any man.

  1. 9/11 produced many, many heroes. Some we never knew about.

  1. Seems like we always feel this way at times with money constraints that seem to effect every department at times.

  1. This by far is one of my favorites. NEVER tell a firefighter that something can’t be done.

  1. Everyone wants to make entry on the first interior attack.

  1. C.H.A.O.S.. Chief Has Arrived On Scene….lol.

  1. It can even happen to us.

  1. No truer words were ever written.

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to explain……

  1. And the number one MeMe at Fire and Axes in 2016. Going viral with over 1 million likes, shares and views.

It is our hope that the best of your 2016 will be the worst of your 2017.

Stay safe.

Until next time,

Captain K

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