The line. To suggest that this one is thin isn’t a joke at all. Think about the number of firefighters there are in America and the % they represent as a percentage of the whole US population and one quickly gains a sense of how thin The Thin Red Line really is.

The Tin Red Line
The Tin Red Line

Whether you are already part of the firefighter community or someone looking on how to become a firefighter you have to do your homework. It’s a tough career. It doesn’t pay exceptionally well considering the risks involved but the rewards felt in society and at home are far more important and the call to fight fire is a calling for most and as a member of The Thin Red Line one knows the importance and unbelievable sacrifice it takes to be a firefighter. Hand salute.  Becoming part of The Thin Red line means participating in the myriad of firefighting jobs found in the occupation. Arson investigation, Fire Assistant Chief and Fire Chief, firefighter, EMS, EMT and so many others too numerous to mention are all part of the experience.

So How Thin Is the Red Line?

Per the US census department America had a population in 2020 of 329.5 million. That same year The Thin Red Line consisted of 331,407 firefighters whether full time, volunteers or working in some capacity within the ranks of firefighting. That percentage would suggest that for every 1 million Americans there were 994 firefighters employed to protect our homes and all of us. A Thin Red Line indeed.

St. Florian Firefighter Prayer Coin

Taken one step further what US states employ the most firefighters? For obvious reasons the more populated ones but when you consider how large the population some of these states are when compared to how many firefighters are present the numbers seem to get exceedingly small.

What States employed the most firefighters in 2022?

StateEmployment (1)Employment per thousand jobs

Surprisingly Illinois, Massachusetts and New York didn’t make the list but who’s counting.

The Thin Red Line Day

Every year we honor our men and women firefighters on what should be called The Thin Red Line day. On May 4th (May the 4th be with you!) we honor them with Firefighter Appreciation Day. What better time than to prepare for this special occasion than with firefighter gifts that are worthy of their hard work and efforts.  

Whether a volunteer or full time career firefighter it becomes obvious that The Thin Red Line is paper thin considering their role, how many lives they protect in our communities all over the USA> They are our finest and the first responders of The Thin Red Line we should be happy are among the very best both in the commitment, sacrifice but also their desire to put life on the line daily and represent us as the heroes they really are. They are the heroes we deserve.