CHAOS. A somewhat funny acronym when you are a firefighter and everything is organized, the firefighters doing their jobs in the right place at the right time and progress fighting Grandfather Fire is happening. Then all of a sudden the Chief arrives in his fiery red truck with gear on, ready to command and take control of the situation. How do we know this? Fire And Axes has a Chief as one of its own and we are thrilled to have him with us. The Chief first told us about CHAOS and everyone thought it was great when he brought it up in recent design meeting. Then came the Firefighter Coin featuring something for the firefighter Chiefs across our great land.

Firefighting. Why are you here? It’s a Calling! Integrity! Without it a person is lost.

How to avoid CHAOS at the fire scene.

So Chief after a long discussion we thought i best to make a challenge coin just for you!

Fire Chief Spinner Firefighter Challenge Coin

CHAOS. Chief Has arrived on scene!  We wanted to be sure that firefighter Chiefs had a coin developed and crafted for them. This 2 inch, 4mm Firefighter coin has design elements from the hook, ladder, axe and helmet used on the line when fighting fire. The words Courage and Honor and Courage and Honor etched into the face of each Fire Chief Firefighter Challenge Coin with antiqued silver and gold plating then hand painted.

The Fire Chief Spinner Firefighter Challenge Coin is a 2 inch firefighter challenge coin with deep recessed design and a 3D construction making it one of the most detailed coins we offer. At 4mm in thickness this firefighter challenge coin will make a statement. The central piece of this firefighter coins spins in place and makes for an even more innovative coins from Fire And Axes.

Size: 2 inches in diameter

Thickness: 4mm

On January 27, 1678 the first fire engine company went into service with its captain (foreman) Thomas Atkins. In 1736 Benjamin Franklin established the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia.

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