Growing up all I ever wanted to be was a firefighter. Every kid on my block wanted the same. They wanted to also be firefighters because of the fiery red fire engines, the huge flame retardant coats, the large rubber boots, axes and if you were lucky the opportunity to see a firefighter mascot, a dalmatian, riding shotgun in an incredibly polished firefighter truck. Rescuing cats from trees, opening up a car with the jaws of life, kicking in a door and rushing people to safety. Climbing a 12 story building or catapulting safely onto a trampoline saving life and limb from some towering inferno is what I wanted to do as a firefighter. Yes. I always wanted to be a firefighter. 

Firefighter History and Pride

America and her people have been at its heart since the founding of the United States and have always been firefighters. The bucket brigade made up of citizens and volunteer firefighters came to the rush whenever the call of fire was sounded out. Across the courtyards of the earliest American colonies was a call to grab your pail, run to the nearest water source and run headlong towards the flames. The minutemen of our American revolution were also the minutemen that rushed to the scene of a fire as a firefighter. You didn’t have a firefighter sitting and listening to a radio call and sliding down their pole on the way to a fire. Instead colonial Americans were the modern day firefighters of the time and we have never lost our way with volunteer firefighters that work in and out each day as US firefighters that are a huge party of the calling we call firefighting.

The immigrants coming to America took professions that no one else wanted, frequently as firefighters and in many cases it is these earlies of folks coming to American shores that took up firefighting as a profession. The Irish as just one group became hard working firefighters and their association with firefighting has been a big part of firefighting through the ages. It goes without saying that there is a lot of pride in firefighting because of the hard working nature of these people and their desire to do their best. 

The Thin Red Line

Firefighters have always been associated with the Thin Red Line. You have seen US flags with a thin red line representing the firefighting community inside the bars of the US flag. Why is this? Because of the nature of how many firefighters there are and their roles to cover wide expanses both in terms of miles and across entire communities with never enough resources so they are often spread pretty thin. Their dedication, hard work, planning and training allows our firefighters to overcome these obstacles and help both in humanitarian ways but also with the basics of firefighting in ways that get the job. No distances too far, no fire too great the firefighters of The Thin Red Line get it done. Our firefighters are heroes for what they do. 

On 911 if there was ever a question in doubt about the ferocious dedication and loyalty to duty than question was forever answered on 911. They went. Never a question. Never a doubt about what had to be done.

Firefighter Jobs

Firefighters cover a variety of job titles and roles from arson inspectors to EMT with cross training as firefighters to firefighters with emergency diving training. They perform work in basic firefighting, hazmat (Hazardous Materials). There are skills earned on the job and then there are those that require intense training both in the field and in the classroom. How about driving a ladder truck? That isn’t something we just know how to do. First aid, life saving medical training and stabilizing a person to get them safely to the emergency room of a local hospital or looking for Alan the Arson all requires special firefighting job training.

How to Become a Firefighter

Watch videos, talk to experienced firefighters, volunteer and get educated are some of the few things you can do to get started on your calling to become a firefighter. Find out what the local school requirements are and then get prepared!

Firefighter Games

Its so cool and fun its scary. That is what I have always thought when the opportunity to play a firefighter came comes into question. The local video game arcade had games that were awesome and that was until Playstation, Xbox and others came out with some of the very best firefighter games. There are firefighter titles like, Real Heroes on Nintendo, Firefighters – The Simulation, Firefighter F.D. 18, Burning Rangers, Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme, Airport Firefighters – The Simulation and Fahrenheit just to name a few.